DNAScript: an easy-to-edit open source genetics utility

About DNAscript

For a present version under development, see DNAScriptc.html.

The purpose of DNAScript is to provide open-source genome utilities that anyone with a Web browser can save, run from the desktop, and freely edit and debug. Thanks to the progressive performance improvements in Javascript engines, it has become feasible to do things like DNA dot plots right from an ordinary HTML page. (That example works even with plain HTML 4.01, with no need for the canvas tag). Though some use of php or other server scripts may be hard to avoid when dealing with databases, it is desirable to keep these pages server-independent when possible.

The way I've tried designing this is "page-oriented": global variables are implemented as fields within HTML elements that are literally visible on the page. The eventual design should involve having a separate page or tab for each group of functions depending on a sequence.

Support for early-version browsers, especially for early Internet Explorer, has not been tested and is likely quite spotty. Though I've tried to rely on more established HTML features that work in "all browsers" and are not HTML5 or CSS3 per se, I'm not using JQuery nor do I want to bulk up the script with tests and alternate notations to support early IE browsers. My honest feeling is that the early IEs are so insecure that the only thing you should be doing with, say, IE6 if you are running it is using it to download another browser, and my feeling about 7 and 8 isn't that much better.

Present status

Nucleotide utilities



Dot plot DNA


v 0.15:

v 0.14:

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Dot plots

Restriction enzymes

Alignments, MP/ML (feasibility assessment)